🎩 Mister Twister

Yasha is still very proud of his signature "ram horn" twist and I guess he's gonna lead the Ministry of Silly Bends when he grows up! 😂

Except he probably never will, since in 2201 pretty much the whole world is stuck in teenage bodies thanks to the anti-aging medicine...

Speaking of aging, don't tell Yasha but what really makes me cringe about this picture is that the pose really looks like an old man slouching and sort of holding on his crooked back 😅

But shhh, I'm sure he thinks he looks awemazing and super sexy, holding on his own lower belly like that.

Anyway, I've been having an artistic fatigue for 3 weeks now, I'm pretty sure because of the stress from coronapanic but I firmly decided to recover and this was my first attempt to push through and get back on track. Thanks to this unbreakable Siberian for always letting me play with his body! 😘

What do you think? 😄
Aw, To be young, again. The world of 2201 sounds like an awesome place to be. I hope we get to see, more of it, soon, And, learn more about it. Read more
Yeah, and it's a nice place to make pictures for 😉 Read more
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