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Shinobi Kid III The ShadowkickA bit more technologically advanced version of Kagemaru, the ninjaboy who had recently received the black belt in martial arts (and black stockings to complete the picture XD).

Surely Kage has been training hard to one day beat the bastards responsible for murdering his parents back when he was only 4. His whole childhood he spent in a ninjacamp as both a trainee and an entertainer, being one of the bendiest and quickest students.

At the age of 17 he bleached his hair as a sign of passing the final trials and being ready for serious missions. Being one of the smallest and thinnest ninjaboys, he's capable of getting through the narrowest ventilation systems and various other holes that are normally unguarded, but at the same time his body is well trained for fighting and he's virtually immune to pain and impact damage thanks to his great endurance and compression skills!

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