👬 Mini Gemini

"If I bend there will be trouble
And if I don't it will be double"

This is a little gift I made for Curious4ever just to say I still love and remember the story Double Trouble about these two characters David & Billy who are twins and contortionists.

I was thinking that the Fold Club could organize a shooting for the new Zodiac calendar and invite various contortionists to make pictures in dramatic lighting and minimal clothing, while striking their best pose... Then I felt David & Billy would make the perfect Gemini sign! So yeah, that's my excuse for them losing their precious bodysuits in this one. Let's hope they won't be in too much hurry to find them 😊

What do you think? 😄
How can you show them so beautiful?
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If only all the Geminis had actual twins 😌 Read more
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Time to take a shower 😂 Read more
Glad to see more of these two in your works, their as cute as they are bendy. Perfect duo, even out of their uniforms ;3 Read more
Yeah, it's not easy but I'm really trying to not forget all the characters I love and make new pictures of them. Now to think there's quite a few characters in the queue to be revived...
Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed this new pic of the twins, I agree they look perfect in and out of their uniforms alike! 😊 Read more
Doubly Hot 🔥🔥🔥 ! Read more
Thanks a lot! 😁 Read more
Loving what these flexible twins are wearing. They should wear these more often!🥰 Read more
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