Merry Christmas & HNY!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Let's all tighten our belts for 2016 *O* (only in sexy aesthetic ways, of course!! :3)

This is the backstage of a little Christmas concert at Andrzej's school that he and his classmates organized for their parents and teachers. Now it's the Juggler Elf's time to show off how many balls he can handle at once. Next is the beautiful and fit Cancan Deer (who oddly reminds of a young Erika but let's not get distracted). And then finally Andrzej's turn. After him we'll have the Waspy Bard, he will sing a charming Christmas song in a microphone, while everybody in the audience will be staring only at his impossible corset.

Actually it's a fairytale and it has a plot: Andrzej plays a black cat who has no tail and in the end Santa gives him a nice long one because Andrzej more than deserves it! :D