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Merry Antichristmas

Since Jesus is a "fighter against sins", I began wondering who in hell is creating all these sins in the first place? So why not Antichrist! The infernal designer whose main purrpose is to invent all the sins in the world for the people to enjoy and be punished by The-One-Who-Doesn't-Exist afterwards! ^o^

So, much like Jesus is the son of God, Antichrist is the direct son of Lucifer! And as mentioned, his main goal is to invent sins... Not the dumb and ugly sins like murder, theft, rape and so on, those can be done by humans' primitive brains without any help from the Devil...

Antichrist takes care of the more perverted side of sins: he is the inventor of erotic ones. Everything there is in the world that is unnatural, that the Creator couldn't even think that it could be done with the human body He created, and yet many humans are completely obsessed with doing these things with their bodies!

Anal sex, blowjobs, corsetry, piercings, tattoos, sex toys, contortionism, cross dressing, and everything else that humans wouldn't normally do without the Devil making them do it... X3

As much as Anti loves to test all his inventions by himself, he also leads teh whole devilish institution called Satanic Institute of Naughtiness (SIN for short). There students help around with all kinds of sinful experiments! Of course, much like in any science, absolutely new inventions are very rare... but much like in every science, practice within existing fields leads to many small discoveries! :3

Today, there are so many pervy things in the world that were invented by this guy that it almost hurts to think of everything or find a person who doesn't practice at least one of them. And there will be even more in the future, so Jesus and his faith-full sheep will never need to lose their jobs due to the lack of sins in the world... XD

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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