Mermen's Oil

The source of Mermen's fluidity and grace made from the hard to reach ingredients is now available to surface dwellers!

This special oil is brewed from deep water ingredients that only specially trained merboys can reach. The oil allows the body to curve in such ways that are normally impossible, not to mention adding a beautiful gleam to the skin!

It's expensive but also muchly admired in the world, just like all the other beautiful and rare things like gold, gems and so on. Mermen's Oil is one of these precious and rare things, so only very special dancers are worthy to apply it and only on special occasions announced beforehands, so that many people could gather to watch.

As his village's most beautiful dancer, Aril received a pot of Mermen's Oil for his birthday from the elder and it was the most precious and beautiful gift that Aril had received in his life! His eyes were shiny with happiness all day, meanwhile he truly outdid himself dancing in front of everyone's eyes!

Another ideal candidate for the Harem !!
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