Meanwhile in Russia

Anime version of the contortionist Alexey Goloborodko? Oh yes, now it's a thing XD

...Alexey just returned from school where he had to spend the last 6 hours. It was a whole day spent in class rooms!

"Argh! My back is so stiff, I feel like a statue!" he took off his jacket, boots and socks, and ran to his room that was turned into a mini-gym for him. After a short 10-minutes warm-up, he was already folding and twisting his body like only he could do.

It was the end of week, that means he could stretch more than usual: even if the muscles would hurt tomorrow, he's not going to school anyway.

Suddenly the door bell rung.

"Coming!" Alexey unbent too quickly and pulled some little muscle in his back. Ouch! He opened the door with a grimace on his face.

"Good afternoon, Alexey. What happened?" it was his trainer, a matured man with white hair.

"Nothing, just..." the boy grimaced again and then smiled.

"I see," the trainer ruffled the boy's hair. "Well, how is your back feeling today?"

"Good," Alexey arched his torso like only he could do, his ribs popped out even through the t-shirt.

"Excellent! Today I will train you for about an hour or so, and then we will take several pictures," the trainer looked at Alexey and the boy nodded. The man took off his coat and hanged it on the rack by the entrance.

After an hour of intense training, the man opened his briefcase and took out a camera. He moved a small soft chair to the middle of the room and asked Alexey to get on top of it and do a cheststand for starters, and press his upper back as firmly as possible against his own bottom.

Alexey folded up perfectly, that wasn't even extreme for him! The man took a few pictures, slightly varying the angle. Alexey looked at him with curiosity:

"Why do you always take the same picture many times?"

"Because I will choose the best one where you don't blink or something," the trainer explained.

Alexey nodded, it seemed logical. The boy was getting more and more curious about photography and his trainer sometimes let him use the camera to take various pictures by himself.

A little tribute to Alexey ^^ My most favorite contortionist ever. I read the whole article about him on Wikipedia and then I wrote this little story ^o^;;

What do you think? 😄
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