Matthew's New Room v2

Dreaming in the beds of rich people can help you achieve a better and happier life.
- the basic concept of the American Dream

The count's son Julian was a very spoiled young man with a lot of expensive dresses, a long and highly expensive wavy haircut and so on... Once he was wandering around a random village, making cute beggar kids lick his boots for a coin, then when he got thirsty for wine, he entered a nearby tavern and what did he see there?

A rather handsome young man, scantily clad with what little was left of old ripped shirt and pants, doing a handstand upon a beer keg. Keeping his handstand steady, he then began to fluidly bend his back til he himself took a firm seat on his own shoulders!

That was so breathtaking and curious that Julian instantly felt jealous of all the good people enjoying that wonderful show practically for free (and some of them not even paying much attention), so he instantly wanted to have this kid all for himself.

Matthew was given a personal room in Julian's family residence, a new pair of pants, a bigger keg, a visit to a hair stylist, a pretty ear-ring and, of course, a kiss on the cheek. Matthew was stunned by all this, specially the latter, but soon he got used to Julian's aristocratic manners and even learned to return the favor, which wasn't all that hard because Julian had that inviting "who cares he's actually a guy" appearance, the long curly locks made him look like an angel, specially while wearing his snow white pajama. But we'll leave all this for another story ^^

So yeah, Matthew changed his audience from poor farmers to the many, many members of the count's huge family and the many guests and servants who lived in the residence. The count didn't mind and rather enjoyed gathering a huge crowd in his house, though he only paid short visits as he also had to provide faithful service to the royal court.

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