Lucifer's Youth

Lucifer was God's favorite angel but he was as beautiful as he was bored. He was so bored that he was probably the first to invent a whole lot of fetishes to kill his boredom and excite himself, so much that the other two archangels Gabriel and Michael complained to God that Lucifer is spoiling other angelic youths and making them do odd things.

Indeed, a lot of angels fancied Lucifer's ideas and happily repeated after him. When things went over the top and Lucifer started showing more and more sadistic tendencies, even God said enough was enough and generated a whole new world for the mischievous angel, saying he could do anything he wants there but stop bullying the heavenly creatures.

At first Lucifer got really pissed and flipped a bird but after a few millennea he realized that after all it was a good idea, much like everything that God did it was only for the better. His world was really fancy and he built it to his own liking with lotsa hot and stylish stuff, it was nothing like Heaven, on the contrary, it was dark, warm and excitingly scary, and so Lucifer was rarely bored anymore.

He had the demons who were entirely his own and would bend to his will. And he had a pact with God that if he manages to seduce humans who walk the Earth, he can bend their souls too. And thus Lucifer became the prince of fetish, oh sorry, the prince of darkness XD

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