Lost Memories

Ever since the loss of memory, Geralt remained completely clueless of what kind of hobbies he once had, when he was younger.

When one of Geralt's dear friends, Shani, helped to restore his memories, our hero wasn't sure if the world really needs to be aware of some of his childhood's passions.

Geralt had more than enough people already calling him a freak, without letting them know of one of his other long forgotten names. The White Snake, as the friendly elves called him for his incredible flexibility, or the White Worm as he was called by the majority of common folk who couldn't look at this "disgusting" talent without cringing.

And I wouldn't have known about it either if not for that single evening, when we all got pretty drunk, including Ciri, who started remembering her time with the circus. We all encouraged her to show off, she kept blushing until she finally agreed and with a very serious face, as if it was some kind of an academic exam, she took a deep breath and bent over backwards, grabbing her knees from behind and finally getting her head right through the thighs!

Even I was impressed and told Geralt anyone else's spine would surely break if they tried to bend it like that. He only said it was nothing: "Could get the shoulders through as well if she stopped being so serious. Wasn't too difficult when I was her age..."

I stared at him in utmost surprise, alas he kept avoiding all my efforts to get him to elaborate on his commentary. But as they say, give master Dandelion three words and he will sing you a ballad! Truth be told, my imagination started sketching Geralt's youth like mad since that day, fed only by bits and pieces I could squeeze from Geralt and Shani, as well as life references from Ciri.

"The Ballad of the White Snake" is still being written as there is suddenly a lot that its young hero has to go through, not counting his own legs. But I already have an official publisher, as well as one of Toussaint's most talented painters who agreed to illustrate my work as precisely as she can. Now, only to convince Geralt to attend the first reading...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt © CD Projekt RED
The BG is a screenshot from somewhere in the duchy of Toussaint :3

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Ilustracion magnifica, la pose y el entorno.
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Gracias! El entorno es del juego 😄
Thank you! The environment is from the game Read more
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