Loerians are a race of magical pseudo-humanoids born from the caramel volcanos of the planet Loeria, where sugar crystals generated under a great pressure are erupted along with the mass of caramel-like substance that becomes the Loerian's flesh, whereas the sugar crystal becomes their brain, responsible for the body magic. They are known for being able to manipulate their bodies in ways beyond the understanding of most other humanoid species.

But apparently the crystal uses the body not only as a means of transportation but also in many ways for fun. Loerians seem to find the most fun in the stretchability of their bodies, as well as in pleasing the sight of other species. Being just crystals, it's almost odd how much enjoyment they are getting from simply pleasing the audience to the max, and taking into account their natural flexibility, the most common specialty for them is acrobatics, contortionism and bellydancing.

Loerian bodies majorly depend on the amount of caramel mass they were able to absorb during their initial creation, thus young Loerians are giants with massive, gorgeous, muscled forms, but as interaction with the tongues of other humanoid species leads to their body mass being gradually decreased, getting them into the second phase where they reshape their bodies into endowed females, investing as much mass as possible into big breasts, but again the tongues of occassional admirers do their jobs until a Loerian has not much left but a small child-like body.

This is their matured stage, where they become very protective of their bodies, learn how to use weapons and would readily cut the tongue of anybody who even thinks about licking them. In this stage, however, they're already physically weak and easily end up in captivity, where their fairy-like bodies are tugged into a tiny pretzel and licked down to nothing and their sugar crystal is eaten with tea or coffee; so is the miserable end for every beautiful Loerian.

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