Liquid Nitrogen

One thing I'll say for him - this Liquid is cool!! Indeed. Liquid Nitrogen, often labeled as LIN, is a boiling cool liquid!

Yes, it's boiling AND it has an extremely low temperature at the same time, so look and don't touch, or else it will burn you with its coolness!

While us average normal people almost never use LIN in our everyday lives, it sure has a long list of specific uses in the industry, so I guess scientists and technicians are far more familiar with this beautiful substance...

In everyday life sometimes LIN is used to create charming smoke effects, sometimes people go as far as using it to make ultra-smooth ice cream or add some visual effects to their cocktail, but... I think that's about it.

Either way, hope you enjoy Liquid Nitrogen, amazing plasticity straight from a storage tank!

so beautiful, elegant, breathtaking Aww, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! 😊
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