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Limber Lumberer

In the ancient times there was a strong belief that one taking something from the nature has to give something in return. But what can you give back to the trees, what do they even like?

The ancients were much attentive and they figured out what the stiff wooden trees do value the most!

And so becoming a lumberer sure was a lot of work beyond just taking an axe and going to vandalize the nearest woods like we do today when we need a new wooden bucket for exmaple. The ancient lumberers didn't even have an axe when going into the forest! They much preferred to impress the tree so much that it just drops dead by itself out of envy...

These limber lumberers were commonly known as the Skomorokhs in the Slavic kingdoms. Although they were perfectly capable to entertain trees and humans alike, their primary workplace was there in the woodlands. Usually the young lumberer and a couple of strong assistants to carry the fallen.

But some trees were so twisted and thus so hard to please that it took a very special performance with minimal clothes, oiling up and some serious bending to do. The warming-up in the bathhouse could take hours! But eventually some great body and skills and a good pot of oil would make almost any tree fall down to the feet of the high-level Lumberer! :3

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