Leilani's Breakfast

This time something completelely different: the pose invented by me but using RadicalEdward84's character :D When he mentioned Leilani is stubborn when it comes to getting more skilled and would incorporate contortion into everything she does it gave me an idea XD

Also a little explanation is in order: Leilani was used to eat by walking on the tables in the tavern on all fours, with her back bent backwards, and moving like an octopus from one table to another, putting her fingers and toes in other people's dishes to get a small taste of everything. She could do all that and, being an excellent escape artist, she could always get away with it (literally).

Good people of course thought she has no manners at all and kept trying to educate her that a good person is supposed to: 1) sit by the table, 2) have her elbows on the table, and 3) have her legs under the table as she eats. She thought there for a while and figured it's the best idea she'd ever heard from people's etiquette system and she wanted to prove she is a good person ^-^

Leilani belongs to RadicalEdward84 ©

What do you think? 😄
Can you make more artwork of this character,I love this girl😍 Read more
Not sure, she's not my character 😅 Read more
Now I kind of want to know who's my fan! Read more
Great to know you're still active! 😁
But I gotta agree with your fan there, it would be cool to make more of her after this whole time, honestly she reminds me a little of an Alice in Wonderland who survived the mad tea party but got obsessed with extreme contortion and micro-bikini after consuming too many strange substances 🤣 Read more
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