Legs Day WIP

So it's kinda normal for the characters in One Piece to disappear at the age of 16, spend two years the devil knows where and then come back in a kickass new outfit and a bunch of mind-blowing new skills! The same happened to Dellinger, though it all started from an innocent TV show.

"Man! Look at those legs kicking!! This sport is kickass!" Dellinger's nose nearly touched the screen, him sitting on the edge of his seat while staring at the gymnastics tournament with all the athletic girls stretching in their hot high-cut leotards.

He was still heavily injured and sick after the battle with Monkey D. Luffy's pirates. But the new obsession almost insta-cured him, taking over his whole mind.

"How come the girls' stuff ALWAYS looks so cool to wear?? But you know what, to hell with fighting!! I will just take on that sport and learn to stretch my body to such extremes that enemies will all die just by looking at it!!"

Said and done! Being a half-fish it didn't take him long to just drop into the water and completely vanish from his friends and foes' sights alike for the long two years for hardcore training.

Upon his return, not much changed in his appearance but the change made all his team mates nosebleed so hard they had to be hospitalized for a second! Instead of his thin sweater and shorts, Dellinger was wearing a high-cut one piece leotard of nearly the same design as his former sweater.

"What? You have a problem with this? Do you want me to gore you to death??" Dellinger stood there, losing his effeminate charm by leaps with his eyes turning red of rage.

"Not at all, you look lovely ~zama!" Jora stood out of the crowd, patting the boy on the head. She always cared about him the most, was like an aunty for him. "All those guys wearing sleeveless shirts to show off their arm muscles should recognize that you're doing merely the same here, just with your legs!"

"Right? Now you're talking!" Dellinger flexed his legs, bulging his thighs almost as if they were the biceps. Everybody nodded in approval, suddenly it made a lot of sense.

Thanks to aunty Jora, nobody seen it as pervy anymore but rather as a display of the boy's best strength: his killer legs! Now fully on display, like a unsheathed sword!

"Now," Jora patted the boy on his nicely curved back, "do proceed with showing us all those new skills you were so eager to demonstrate ~zamasu. Kicking higher than ever, I presume? Oh, oh, certainly, as a woman of fine art, I can't wait for my artistic mind to be blown!!" the massive woman chuckled.

Dellinger's eyes widened even more than usual, he was trembling with excitement. Two years with the best coaches in all four seas, all to make himself the best for his friends. Next time he meets that rubber-boy Luffy, he will show him the true meaning of rubber!!

Wholeheartedly he dived into his gymnastic dance, so fluid, flexible and effeminate that... after a minute even Jora dropped her jaw, thinking how to justify THAT!!

What do you think? 😄
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