Leg Stretching Day

A good contortionist never skips the leg day, and neither do Tom and Jerry! Looks like Tom is up to a badass challenge!

The weather was really damn nice. After another smooch on the bench, Tom felt like his ass is tired, he wasn't used to sitting for so long and much preferred to make out in bed.

"You wanna jog a bit?" he stood to stretch his muscles a little.

"Nah, feeling lazy," his boyfriend Jerry smiled, looking comfy on the bench using one of his own legs as a pillow behind his back. He never had any problems with hard wood. "You go, I think I'll just take a nap."

"But jogging is good for your legs! I'll show you after!" Tom waved at his pretty bf and jogged down the park's alley.

Jerry yawned, adjusted his pillow leg for comfort and leaned back on the bench. After watching a weird dream about bendy snails, he woke up to the footsteps of Tom coming back.

"Pfff," Tom stood there and bent forward, holding his knees and panting. "My leg muscles are burning! Now I'm gonna show you something hot!"

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