🔆 Lands Beyond the Sun

Leotard armor? Guess it's not as god-like as bikini armor but also quite divine. As we know, in fantasy the less armor you wear the more powerful you are... and this armor is a real knightmare! All knights faint just from the sight of those fully uncovered legs 🤣

"I once tried to wear an armor like yours but got an arrow in my butt!"

Ouch! Bad luck, sailor! 😗

What do you think? 😄
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Thank You! 😄 Read more
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Loaves be praised! ✋🙄🤚 Read more
And as every K̶n̶a̶v̶e̶ Knight knows; should their squires defense falter there will be a real bounce to where their natural armor lies ;) Dem legs though tsk tsk just positively quivering for moist towlette to say nothing of glutes to be oiled in excitement for the mounted tourney soon to come. Read more
Haha, yeah a mounted tourney...those knights really need a couple of stallions matching their stature 😛 Read more
Here comes the Sun! Read more
Back to the '69! 😝 Read more
Love it Read more
Thank you! 😊 Read more
This "knight" has no sword but those high heels can be considered leathel weapons too ;-) Read more
Haha, yeah I "forgot" the swords 😉 Read more
Cool, I´m a fan of fantasy armor logic.
Lucky, if the spectator is wearing one of those armors with big codpieces, or it could become quite cramped down there. Read more
As angels they have completely smooth crotches, so there's no need for codpieces 😉 Read more
I must be dazed from such miraculous sight, because I see that knight twice!
Metal surfaces are cool and shiny. Especially shoes looks comfy despite being from metal!
Very teased wondering whats underneath all that metal X-)
Shifty Read more
Thank you! Just sexy angelic bodies I guess, I needed to think of something to spice them up and avoid being repetitive, after all we're not some average pornsite, we have taste and we have style 😛 Read more
So cute. I love it. <3 Read more
Thank you! 😊 Read more
Mmm... sweet feet! Read more
Guess as guards they thought it's a crime to hide them 🤣 Read more
Ces jambes sont, sans conteste, la preuve de l'existence de dieu
These legs are, without question, the proof of the existence of god Read more
Si de grandes jambes sont un vrai ticket pour le paradis, ces prêtres doivent réécrire leur Bible dès que possible! 😜
If great legs are a real ticket to Heaven, these priests should rewrite their Bibles ASAP! Read more
Knghit of seduction. Read more
Berwae the eruption 😲 Read more
In these legs we trust Read more
I'd thrust between those legs 🥵 Read more
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