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L'amouriel, the God of Love

Lamouriel, the elven God of Love ^.^

Nobody knows anymore what planet or world the elves originally came from. They've settled in many worlds but never been able to have children together with any other species or races.

Even their bodies were too different, they're too limber, too graceful, too beautiful and... sadly too weak. Because of that, in every world where they settled they first and foremost sought protection of those more adapted and stronger than them. It was quite easy every time because the elves were very fair and in exchange offered their own best quality, their beauty.

With their slender, flexible bodies they indeed brought a lot of beauty to every world where they settled.

Of course, none of the elves was officially a prostitute. They had all sorts of professions: gardeners, dancers, medics... But gardeners always ended up in the bushes, dancers in someone's lap, medics fulfilling the last wish of dying soldiders, dying to grab some soft elven ass...

Massively turning into sluts was their absolutely consciously chosen survival tactics, since they were the weakest of all races. Their bodies were too much unlike all others, they had too much cartilage, which was excellent for becoming dancers and body-benders of all kinds, but even the elves raised and trained as soldiers in the lands of barbarians still remained paper soldiers on a real battlefield. At best they made good hooker ninjas, with a heavy emphasis on hooker, or elven assassins, which could be shortened to "elven ass" without losing too much in essence.

Thus, Love had a sacred meaning to the elves. It was the means of their own survival, as well as their gift to the world(s).

L'amouriel wasn't worshipped by any races other than the elves, but to the elves he was pretty much the main deity and the personalization of their survival as a pretty weak race. L'amouriel was seen as the ideal master of everything that was even remotely erotic or attractive, so for every elf he was the absolute source of inspiration.

The elves loved their God of Love and it was not at all blasphemous to depict L'amouriel in any erotic or sexual situation. The only forbidden theme was to depict him in casual ways completely devoid of all sorts of eroticism, but since that was impossible to achieve in the first place, since any innocent situation can be interpreted in an extremely erotic light, so L'amouriel was pretty much immune to blasphemy and someone was yet to be born to be punished for offending this God.

The Hymns to L'amouriel were sung only in Elfskrit, an ancient elven language, every sound of which was derived directly from the most passionate sounds of Love. Here's an example:

"Squirt 'ah yeah mmm 'ah hn-ha
Ohhh-yeah slurp 'uh mmm ahha!"

This poem roughly translates as "let me lick Thine slender legs all the way down to Thy feet and then suck on Thine sugar-sweet toes, and then let me go all the way up as well and..." something along these lines.

Actually this is pretty innocent, most of the Hymns were very graphic and thus very very sacred, revealed only to the high priests of L'amouriel, and to become such a priest one had to complete a long pilgrimage and bring back a lot of reports in the form of richly illustrated hot stories.

One couldn't become a priest without being a trained artist in the style that is quite similar to the Japanese manga. These illustrated elven stories make quite a popular product on their own and can be found on the shelves of every house in the world since they don't at all require the knowledge of how to read to understand what's going on, and are all of fantastic quality.

The stories do not only show the beautiful elves taken in every imaginable position but also demonstrate the scope of their adventures and the vastness of the world, as the elven pilgrims are very kindly welcomed by every race and country without exception and sometimes had to be guests for longer than planned, so some of these scriptures can be extremely long and epic and full versions can be only found in libraries.

But of course none of these stories would be possible without L'amouriel, who is seen as the guardian and inspiration of the entire elven race ^.^

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