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Lab Bat

Dariush Lovehorn+ Son of a Witch

Lucas woke up with something soft pushing against his nose, gnawing on some piece of flesh filling up his mouth which he quickly realized was his own dick. Damn, must have bent over himself again in his sleep!

"I guess I need to be tied to the bed or one day I'll choke on my own meat! But what's that funny smell?" the young vampire sniffed the air, feeling very sleepy. "Weird, but I just woke... up..."

His eyes closed against his will and the next time they opened he was all tied-up tightly and hanged by the ropes above the ground in some kind of a dungeon. It was dark but warm and the air was very fresh and filled with pleasant fragrance.

Only then he noticed a nice movement in his ass, it was almost like a dream that he didn't want to interrupt, so he almost held his breath, enjoying being pounded by whoever was the owner of that manhood.

After a while he could no longer pretend being still unconscious and released a loud moan, along with the load all over his face and chest. Almost simultaneously he felt his ass filled up with the load the man behind him erupted into it. After taking a breath, Lucas wanted to turn back as much as he could to look at his mysterious kidnapper.

"Good sir, I haven't had such a pleasant ride since my uncle Dariush... oh shit what the!!" Lucas saw the scariest skeletal face staring at him with red glowing eyes! His whole body strained so much, fighting to escape, that he'd have a lot of bruises if his body wasn't oiled all over.

"Hey, stop that or you'll hurt yourself!" the 'evil' wizard commanded and the vampire boy suddenly couldn't contain his wide grin and now instead of trying to escape was seemingly trying to jump on the man's neck.

"Uncle Dariush!! You scared me to death! What's with the mask? And what about these ropes? If you needed a lab rat, you could just ask! You know I always loved hanging around in your lab!"

"You already helped," chuckled the whiz. "I needed to test a new sleeping gas, an order from the ninjas. I guess it works just perfectly!"

"Wait, you tested experimental technology on me, your own nephew??"

"Sure, I needed someone I can trust, so couldn't try it on a random fellow and then let them go... Hmm, but you just made it sound like a bad idea indeed!! Oh my, I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry, I'll forgive you, mmm, for 100 gold!"

"B- but that's too expensive!!" Dariush almost dropped his skull mask's jaw. "I'm kinda broke right now, you know, the sales of my 'Love & Potency' potions dropped, that's why I have to take these stupid commissions for sleeping gas..."

"Fair enough! Another idea then, how about you sell me some of those potency potions of yours and see how many times you can make me come until midnight??"

"Hah! You dirty lil' sucker, now that's a lot more like you! But first, another quick round so you can better compare the effects!" Uncle Dariush squeezed Lucas's sides playfully, impaling him back onto his full length.

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