What do you think? 😄
Well here goes question, do you think Kurapika is bishie or girl? I always thought he is girl in a fact. I know kind out of place inquiry X-)
As fanart from nearly 20y ago... I must say its well done. It has shading, clear outlines and most of all resembles original character almost perfectly.
And you already started back then with unusual leg poses! Which many artists can not do even after 10y.
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Well, it was an attempt to study teh anime style and of course heavily referenced from the original manga. I don't remember actually tracing his head but I think I had some manga page open and just copying from it.
I used Photoshop since 1997, first I needed it for scanning, cropping and rotating images for school projects, then started doing some funny photo manips for the lulz, but then even tried to paint faces and some RPG items like potions and swords. It was Diablo/Warcraft times back then and I was on a team of youngsters who tried to make a warcraft clon...err...I mean an innovative fantasy RTS.... XD When I started making this art in 2002 I wasn't exactly a noob :D
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