Keep Out

Breaking! Another elven teenager found folded beyond belief in the woods of Zombend!

"I just needed to cross this cursed forest while it was getting dark, but I had no idea all the tales were true!"

The teenager was tied to a wooden structure that looked like a product of either an evil cult or a bad taste. The extreme pose his body was stretched into was shocking.

"Thanks for rescuing me by the way! Could have untied me right away instead of taking all the pictures though."

He was apparently hanged there to wait for another night. As the legends have it, zombees play with each other and their pretty prey from dusk til dawn, then tie it up tight until the next night.

Three nights in a row can supposedly turn one into a royal level contortionist at the expense of losing a significant part of sanity.

"Dude, I actually did six damned nights in there, you were like a week late. But no hard feelings, I barely have anything hard left in my body anymore!"

They become zombends, looking only for one thing: something hard to gnaw on... but that's another story.

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Magnifica,me recuerda a una ilustracion de Fis fis en el bosque,
Magnificent, it reminds me of an illustration of Fis fis in the forest, Read more
Ah si, siempre pinta colores muy oscuros 😄
Ah yes, he always paints in very dark colors Read more
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