Kagemaru and Yoko

From Kagemaru's Diary:

Yoko kept working to squeeze me to death to make me pliable but unbreakable... Because Yoko hasn't been visiting often enough to train me, he only visited about twice a week for a couple of hours but even that much was enough to make me as good as I was. I decided to do something risky to increase Yoko's visit frequency and involvement because getting more training with Yoko would mean a lot more experience and therefore much faster levelling.

My first idea was to lure him in with sushi and sake but it didn't seem to work, maybe Yoko already had enough food at home. My second thought was to seduce him because he got so used to being in close body contact with me during the training that it would be just a tiny step forward to let Yoko hug and kiss me for real.

Myself I wasn't sure if he preferred his own gender or the opposite, but I really wanted to become good at acting as it might be essential during some important missions. Who knows what the future may hold, maybe one day I'd need to seduce my target before assassinating him, so it would be a great practice for my acting skills.

But it was quite risky because what if Yoko didn't like other boys? He might just get offended, beat me hard and leave forever. On the other hand, what samurai doesn't like boys, so it was worth finding out...

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