Kaa's Disciple

After Mowgli became Kaa's disciple, his exercises inspired half of the jungle to get more limber. Mostly the Bandar-log, as they always felt insecure about the "log" in their name and sought to prove they're more like Bandars than logs.

Bagheera only hmpf'ed and said that backbends are for little children, and she still remains as the queen of frontbends! She was very proud, though, when Mowgli began to take frontbend lessons from her and soon learned to give his own butt a tight hug. "Now, that's flexibility," Bagheera smirked.

A screen capture from the Soviet Russian cartoon "Mowgli" (1973). I watched this adorable cartoon, it's entirely made of epic win and the animation is simply great! I think the best/closest/most beautifully made adaptation of "The Jungle Boku" ever! And Mowgli moves a lot like he's made of rubber XD Surprisingly, Bagheera is female in the Soviet version, in the original book Bagheera is a male panther. But it feels a lot more natural this way somehow.

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