Jinny Arabian Nights

AoiShu has a yet unfinished alternate universe fanfic entitled "Arabian Nights" which is based upon Disney's Alladin series and which she's currently working on, but I had the chance to read the first two chapters and the alternate versions of the characters are soooo dammmmn cute =^_____^= and I just couldn't keep myself from trying to draw the genie who's my favorite character so far, but I'm not gonna say anything else here cuz then I'm gonna spoil the effect, ne :3

So here goes my first gift art for Shu – thanks for being such a cute and caring friend! ^____^

*pokes screen* He looks so rubbery tooo~~ X333 *Yuni-thoughts*
(Shu just said it must take some skill to pack inside a lamp anyway, mwahahaha!)

What do you think? 😄
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