Jelly Demon

Probably you were always wondering how the hell some people's bodies are sooo flexible? Don't believe them when they say it takes years and years of hard training!

It's just all about this very rare kind of demon who feasts upon young people's backbones. He'd jump on his victim's shoulders and start sucking the backbone stiffness out and stomping the shoulders until they lay flat on the hips which means there's no more 'stiffness' to steal XD;;; Then he just crawls away into the nightshades and disappears for another few months until he's hungry again :3

But with the stiffness stolen from his spine, the victim possesses the ability to bend his torso like rubber and can easily make a lot of money just showing off at the marketplace :D

...but the village elders, of course, know that it's all the work of the demon... >_< 9

...It's weird when one day you crawl through the shadows into the bathing house, seeking for a new victim, and what do you see? Some weirdo dancing around the bucket and singing (poor translation from Japanese):

"Grandpa bends like jelly
Daddy bends like jelly
I hope the Jelly Demon
Still got some jelly for me...

You jump on his shoulders all like "Who did you just call Jelly Demon?!?!" and he's like "Ohhh, Jelly-Demon-san, I was soooo waiting for you~ please suck all the stiffness out of me, I'm so tired to be all stiff you know *blahblah*"

Nowaday's youth... :3

Bon appetit Demon-san! <3

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