Jason and the Golden One-Piece (v2)

Jason, the prince of Iolcus, suffers incredible injustice when his uncle takes the throne by cheating with fake contortions.

Furthermore, the evil uncle plans to get Jason into an accident to make him unable to practice contortion ever again...

Luckily, Jason's mom saves him just in time and takes him to the wise centaur Chiron, the inventor of chiropractics:

"Please fold my son to your liking!"
"Butt of horse!" Chiron replies with his southern accent.

Trained to sheer perfection by the centaur, the teen Jason becomes the most flexible boy of all the Greeks and goes back to reclaim his throne but the evil uncle keeps winning the stretch tests with his damned fake legs!

Jason can't understand how his uncle can be so ungodly flexible and agrees he must be indeed a better ruler for the people of Iolcus who appreciate flexibility over anythin else, what comes to the politics...

However, suddenly Jason learns about the Golden One-Piece, a legendary item that boosts flexibility to god-level! Rumors are the leotard was once worn by the god Apollo himself, but was stolen by a sorceress during one of his fabulous striptease shows.

To make everything and everyone harder, the sorceress enchanted the artifact to be invisible in the presence of dressed people, and so Jason has to leave all his worldly possessions behind, save for a pair of sandals and a long hard spear to protect his ass.

But he is worried for nothing: his physical perfection attracts a whole bunch of dudes willing to do anything for him and each other. Each of them is far from ugly himself and so they collectively become famous as the Argoknots.

The Argoknots develop into legendary contortionists who are still famous to our days. Thanks to his extensive contortion training with Chiron, Jason is able to outbend the sorceress's daughter Medea, also known as the 'snake girl', rightfully winning the precious high-cut artifact.

Finally Jason becomes the king of Iolcus as well as a famous fitness instructor for the telly.

The end XD

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