Jack-O Pose Fynn 🐟

Almost missed this meme, thanks to TK for telling me about it!!

I also started working on this boy Fynn Carter, the same character who appeared in this picture from 2 years ago, so I thought why not make him run the Jack-O test...

Specially that he's used to running all kinds of tests and experiments for the Aquatic Division of Robotized Biological Sciences (ADoRBS), which as we know makes heavy use of contortion in mecha designs and submersibles, so all pilots are ultra compact! Fynn even sleeps in a flexopod to improve his flexibility but more about it in that story on the right!

Fynn belongs to Kito ©

Also thanks to Saraka for these beautiful artworks that inspired me while working on this one:


One of the only good Jack-o poses besides the original!
YESSSS. Greatest crossover. The meme improved.
Omg! I can't believe my eyes! I love Fynn, and the pic you linked is one of my favorite works of yours! I'm so glad to see more content of the ADoRBS squad!
I've been thinking about how to turn the Jack-O pose into something a bit more extreme or contortion-y but you definitely beat me to it! A very cool pose, I'm loving it! Seeing that you now have 3D assets for Fynn makes me so excited, I can't wait to see more of him. Great job!!
This is easily the best version I have seen of this meme XD
The Jack-O pose is often depicted as something erotic, but more than anything this shows just how much of an interesting and potentially beneficial stretch it can be.
I commented on this yesterday, not sure what happened to my comment..? I was writing about how thrilled I was to see Fynn, since I like him a lot and the pic you linked has been one of my long-time favorite works of yours, so I'm very excited to see you're working on a 3D asset for him and I hope we'll see more of him and the ADoRBS squad in the future! Can't wait :D
The pic is lovely, I've been thinking about ways to make that meme pose a bit more contortion-y but you beat me to it! A very cool variation of the pose, and honestly much cooler than the original xDxD Stunning work, I'm super happy to see it!
Striking pose! The butt ans thighs look like yummy fresh vegetable with very appealing shapes. I also like the position of the feet.
Look at Fynn go! He really took the Jack-O pose to the next level. He even makes it look easy. Impressive!

I hope we get to see him sleeping in his flexopod soon.
Beautiful work!
nice work! the other day i thought about tylee created in your style doing some contortion, i think i t would be awesome to see that
I love seeing you do characters from Kito's universe! The subtle scales on the extremities of his suit are such a nice feature. I love how you made them gradually fade. Was that a custom material or did you paint those?

love this, wish i could pose like that
just beyond sexy, i like it very much
Parece que se ofrece.... una postura muy sexual .... lo primero que ves son sus partes totalmente expuestas... y mas en estas postura extrema..
I know I should be praising yet another new!!! pose, but can't help to praise his suit first. I would say its texture is wasted on suit and his very skinn could look like this :-) in any case it is outstanding. As is Jack's "bean" :-D and smile.
Others may take such picture for granted but I watch it with satisfaction and joy.

Spoiling its pure feeling is last I want, but idea just popped up, what about making some parts of suit or very skinn transparent O_O I mean just a little not fully but enough to see hints of whats underneath. It is not a wish or suggestion just an idea.
Love it XD...
💌 What do you think?

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