It's Elementary! 📐

"What are limits? We haven't studied advanced math yet! We only just started about angles and the teach thinks I got good ones!"

Jokes aside though, having a mom who's a yoga teacher it's hard to not end up folded in half backwards at an early age. It's rare for circus contortionists and yoga coaches to not have very specific parenting plans.

As for Danny, he embraced his mother's dreams very tightly and quickly made them his own. In his early teens Danny's backbend was so sharp it literally looked like two halves of a person put together, like an illusionist's trick!

He was super proud of this trick and the key to it was having really tight abs, so his stomach was very flat and he could suck it in really deep, making the bend look less curvy and more like he's actually folded in two!

I wonder how Danny and a slide rule would get along? 😏 "You win this time, slide rule, but one day I'll grow bigger and beat you!" 👺
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