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Is That Really Me

After Yasen was turned from a boy into a girl, as described earlier:

Yasen The Slavic Slave

he, or rather she now, was not allowed to wear a single piece of clothes for a whole year, for so long that he, I mean she, stopped feeling embarrassed of being seen naked.

But today this feeling returned, and strangely now it was not caused by nakedness but by the expectation of wearing some clothes once again. The servant women were here to dress him up for the first time in so long...

But first they brought some strange tools that didn't look good, but they hypnotizingly caressed his her body, massaged her shoulders and stroked her hair so lovingly, so he couldn't understand if the procedure hurt or pleased him.

After getting carefully and bloodlessly pierced in four spots in a row, he ended up asking for more but the priestesses said it was enough for now it's more than they usually give to neophytes, but Yasen deserved it for her obedience and very nice and pleasing behavior.
Then they finally wrapped a long skirt around her hips and decorated them with a belly chain. At last, Yasen got the chance to look at herself in the mirror the very first time after months and months of not seeing her own reflection.

In the mirror Yasen saw a slender beauty with a narrow waist and curvesome hips, a flat but slightly rounded belly, a very long braid of blond hair almost reaching the navel as it fell on her flat but soft looking chest. While this beauty submissively repeated her every little movement, Yasen just couldn't believe it...

"Is that really me?" Yasen kept turning around to capture every feature of this beautiful figure. It was so different but so dear and the Slavic features like the braid and nice soft blond hair made her feel completely at home somehow. It reminded Yasen of the girl he once saw and fell in love with, but then he had to move further along with his "family", the wandering troupe where he belonged back in his home Rus. The girl hanged out with him almost every day and he hugged and kissed her, but all this happened only within his dreams. In reality he only saw her once and wasn't even sure if she was real or a daydream, he saw her only for several minutes in a market place, never to meet her again. Until now, when he literally became her, himself! The reflection was so hypnotizing and nostalgic that Yasen started literally falling in love. It was like his older self as a boy was gone and he now lived in the body of the one he loved.

"Yes, silly," the young muscled priestess who did his piercings didn't let Yasen fall and helped her to stand up, "But that's the beginning, you'll have to look at yourself after another year, babe!" She smirked and winked at the reflection. Yasen just cried and hugged her.

"Now, now... Stop rubbing yourself against my tits, already? Ugh... When you grow your own, squish them all you want... Look at this one, all other boys were happy becoming girls and this one's crying... Stop that, you'll spoil my reputation... Ugh, alright, alright," she patted Yasen's back and hugged her just a little. "Mistress, I swear I'm starting to like this one... Would I be allowed to, umm... lead her to her room?"

"Certainly, my child," the high priestess smiled and nodded with a deep understanding of what's going on. "What a touching moment to see such a sweet young couple. I'm ready to cry myself now..." she rubbed her finger under her eye dramatically. "But not to her former room, there are too many innocent ears around there. Here, take this key, it's to the third room in the right wing. The walls will be thick enough for you. But Ayah! Be gentle with this noob, okay? We all know what you like to do. Don't spoil this slave that much yet. Now go."

Ayah nodded, wrapped her hand around the still crying Yasen's waist and they disappeared in one of the corridors.

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