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For being only 18 years old, Walther proved himself as a savvy radioman and a professional cabinboy, so his conservative mom was told after he got back from a big sea cruise with a significant improvement to his bank account. Of course, he didn't tell her anything about any tiny bikini, big earrings and hot go-go dancing on camera on distant islands 😏

Tried the new updates from RomarovArt! Tanned skin and blond hair for Walther 2.0 😘

What do you think? 😄
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I want him in MY cabin !! Lovely, sweet body, delicious bulge 💕 Read more
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He really painted a target on his head but I'm aiming at the other head 😜 Read more
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You HAVE to do a little travelogue for him! Nothing to major. Maybe start with a couple pages and see how it goes? That would be incredible!
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"Ah, I'm feeling perfect, mom, I told you I'm not seasick at all... We're only an hour away from the shore, heading to Lincold Island... Yes, it's on Poople Maps, look it up... A nice little island, yeah... Photographers need to take some pictures of the local wildlife... Me, I'm just trying to learn about navigation... Mom, I'm really busy, there's something on the radar, actually, can I call you later?.. No, it's nothing dangerous... Mom!.. Yeah, okay, bye."

"Navy-gay schon!" Helmut giggled. "Walther, did anyone tell you you look really cute when you're on phone with your stepmom, dressed in a tiny bikini? Imagine if she saw what you're wearing right now..."

"Yeah, it really helps the bandwidth here is shit, she was demanding a video call and I couldn't find my t-shirt since yesterday!! The poor connection was a life saver."

"I bet your cousin threw it to the sharks," Helmut leaned his bare abdomen against the warm metallic fense, looking at the main deck below. "He's allergic to normie clothes!"

"No I didn't!" Leslie rolled his eyes and produced a loud slurping sound with his lemonade's straw as he rested naked on the lounge chair.

"Oh mein Gott!! Look, Walther, it's a dolphin!!" Helmut grabbed the other young man gently by the waist, pointing at the horizon.

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Simply fantastic. I just love his metallic bikini. Read more
Thank you so much!! Let's hope it's just reflective to keep his important bits from overheating 😛 Read more
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