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In Search of the Indian Rubber

An illustration for Jules Bende's "In Search of the Indian Rubber", the famous 19th century novel about a gang of mighty female pirates searching for the ultimate treasure of the mysterious India, known as the Indian Rubber.

Nobody knows what it is but it's rumored to bring royal popularity and endless amounts of fans! The pirate captain, Lana Everwette, personally believes the treasure to be a pair of spandex yogapants that make the wearer the most agile and flexible person in the entire world, thus it will turn her into an even more beautiful and fit babe than she already is!

As the crew approaches the shores of India, they hire a local guide named Indruba, who, after 400 more pages of astounishing and brainless adventures, is revealed to have been THE Indian Rubber all along! Who would have guessed!? As always, Jules Bende is the master of the unexpected plot twist...

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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