In Death's Embrace

L (thinks): Everything's according to the plan...huhu~.>;

A couple of words about Death Note? I just really wish Kira was real! Blame my chronic misanthropy but I was in sheer awe of Light through the whole series o.o But wait a minute, if Kira were real, he'd probably kill me for sure for drawing this XD;;

As for L, I tried to be precise with the black bags under his eyes as well as the "dead eyes" look. At first I was trying hard to achieve the Asian look but then remembered that L was in fact an Englishman, and so I left it as is :3

Death Note and characters © Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

Так бывает, что Судьба связывает нас одной цепью один раз, но Навсегда...Это и есть Любовь...
It so happens that Fate binds us with one chain once, but Forever...This is Love...
Хм, для меня это звучит как рабство. 😂
Hmm, sounds a lot like slavery to me.
Lovely couple 💕
💌 What do you think?

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