In Conspiracy

"Say, isn't that too much? I'm kinda getting the feeling I'm hurting you for real now," Tommy strained his arm muscles, trying to turn the stick more, but the rope already squeezed Sergio's waist so impossibly tight that the wooded stick creaked under the pressure but the whole construction barely moved.

"M- make it hurt, god damnit. Hh... Tommy, really, what are you thinking? My father would... give us money just like th... that? If... if he suspects we've organized this whole affair... hh with kidnapping me just to get hands on his money, he will get me back and then k- kill me in hh... the most brutal way possible. You should've seen what that man did... did to my poor mother when he suspected she was cheating on him."

"What did he do to her?"

"I... I'm not gonna tell uh.... Being a mafia boss's son isn't h- heaven, more like hell. But... it's not your business, Tommy. Your business is to turn the damn stick and uh...h... my business is to sweat and act like it hurts like h- hell. See?"

"If I turn more, I'll snap you in two pieces, I swear! Not sure if I like the idea of having two Sergios. I've never been into the idea of being part of a threesome..."

"Oh god... You are such a genius... Tommy! I wonder wh... what are you doing among us, gloomy mobsters?.. You are a nah... natural born comedian, I swear."

"Say, Sergio, if I squash your organs for real, we don't have any doctors around."

"K- keep going, we did hh... worse stuff earlier, remember?" Sergio huffed in annoyed tone.

"Sure. You love to get your belly tortured, I'll give you that. Still don't get why it gives me a hard-on instead of making me throw up, though..." Tommy gave out a dark chuckle.

"Let's finish this uh... photo session for my father first... and then you'll tell me everything about that hah...hard-on of yours, Tommy. I'm sure I'll be ch- charmed."

"But... You sure don Calvano won't suspect anything?"

"My father? He hah...has no idea about my secrets! He'd beat me to a pulp if he learned I was into weird shit like tight belts hh... or anything. So he'll be shocked enough to see this uh... and if we make it look like a real t- torture, the money is ours. But h- hell, we can do better at this and you're not even trying... Let's give my daahh... dad some real goosebumps, uhh?"

"Say, I'm trying my best, sweetie. Relax. See?"

"Well then why don't I feel anything," Sergio sighed. "And relaxing is the polar oh... opposite of what we're supposed to do right now ungh!"

"Well, you're sweating all over already and breathing like a fricken rabbit on the run," Tommy looked into the large mirror in front of them. "How's that not convincing enough. I'm not sure if that much blushing on your face is okay, though, would have been better if you were more pale..."

"Good point... But I don't have a button to flush the blood off my face, you know?" Sergio clenched his teeth for a while, struggling with the ultimate pressure on his guts. "Maybe... ugh... I can photoshop it later. Make it black and white ohh..or something maybe..."

"Say, you're good with computers... Okay, I officially give up, this doesn't go any further. We're just wasting time. Don Calvano will have to deal with this much, I guess."

"Looks pretty good. Take some pictures."

Tommy held the stick in one hand while reaching for a camera with the other, then took a couple of shots against the mirror, while Sergio did his best putting some painful grimaces on his face.

"Looks nice to me," Tommy looked at the camera's display for a preview, then showed it to Sergio. "My face can't be seen on the picture at least and this 'torture' looks pretty convincing, yes?"

Sergio removed wet wavy hair from his forehead and looked. "Oh that's perfect. A shot worth of the $1,000,000 for sure," he grinned weakly. "My body feels so great. You're so strong," Sergio murmured, feeling his lover hugging him tight from behind, his hands crawling onto Sergio's tense, forcibly rounded belly, feeling his lower ribs, deepening into the impossibly cinched waist...

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It would be nice if a real person can do this, I love it
So true!
Thank you!
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That's amazing, you are the best in the world
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I'm so happy to hear that
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