I'mma Kick Kiss Your Ass!! (WIP)

Tom Parker: "I learned about contortion from the guy I used to bully at school. He's my boyfriend now!"

Daily Bend Magazine presents Hoops of Tomorrow! The sexy male gymnasts from all over the world! Today with us we have a wannabe soccer player who became a professional cheerleader, Tom Parker from America!

Tom went to the same school as the other American gymnast, Jerry Garter, though their early years were pretty tough.

"I bullied Jerry a lot when we were kids, I knew he got that senile uncle who couldn't protect him, so I enjoyed showing him what a wimp he is! But then he was attacked by some real gang and I kicked their asses real hard, shouting that I'm the only one allowed to bully Jerry!"

When Jerry suddenly kissed him, Tom figured out all these years he actually had a crush on the boy, just didn't know how to deal with it. So Tom and Jerry started hanging around a lot, naturally Tom was growing more and more fond of Jerry's hobby: contortion exercises.

"I really loved that flexible thing he was doing a lot, then I tried to do some backbends myself and loved it! It felt almost as good as lifting and I grasped it really quick. I guess I was already very athletic so it somehow came easy to me! It wasn't too hard, and now I always lift in a backfold!"

In exchange Tom inspired Jerry to lift until the once weakling developed some really admirable abs. Beside lifting, Tom played a lot of soccer at the time to tone up his muscles but Jerry kept convincing him to become a gymnast for that instead.

"He showed me some videos of himself and other gymnasts and suddenly I could picture myself doing that! It looked like it would push the body really well, the only question was the theme, like, Jerry's theme was a cowboy but I had no idea what theme I wanted to do. Then he said why not soccer?"

Tom shrugged, looking down at his simple shirt and pants, but then Jerry lifted his shirt and put it behind his neck, then asked him to strike some of his best poses. After a minute of watching Tom stretch, Jerry had to run off to patch his bleeding nose. That's how one simple trick turned a soccer boy into a H.O.T. gymnast! XD

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