If you ever bend in Texas, fold me up! (WIP)

Jerry Garter: "I learned about contortion from a drawing on my uncle's guitar when I wanted to become a country singer!"

Daily Bend Magazine presents Hoops of Tomorrow! The prettiest femboys in sports from all over the world! Why bend the law when you can bend the sheriff! Today with us we have Jerry "She-riff" Garter from America!

Jerry never knew his parents but he knew too well his old silver-haired uncle who had a bad memory and always kept calling Jerry a "niece".

"I kept telling him it's Jerry, not Jenny, but oh well! He always looked really badass even in his old age and I tried not to push my luck too much. He was a retired country singer and quite a ruin but his black cowboy hat and his favorite 'Bender' guitar were both in the excellent shape and I was really surprised when one day this macho just went and gave his most precious items to me!"

Jerry was ten when he inherited them, but apparently his half-blind uncle never paid attention to the decoration on his own guitar and Jerry was quite amazed after studying it up close.

"It depicted something like a medieval jester but in such a pose that it took me an evening to figure it out, and in the end I could think of nothing else but to do that pose myself! That night I went to bed really late and my back and sides burned after all the attempts, but it only made me do it more tomorrow!"

Surprisingly, Jerry's uncle really liked these exercises and didn't mind to offer his strong hand to help but kept telling the boy to add more elements of dance to it: "Now, Jenny, why not do that dance you do and what not!"

Now at the age of eighteen Jerry is both a famous guitar player and a contortionist, usually combining all his skills into one show, playing funny remakes of old country songs and not forgetting to bend it every once in a while.

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