Human vs Robot

"Hmm, are you really a robot?" Fynn doubtfully ran his finger over the bare chest of the android, gently pulled on the soft nipple. "I never would have thought! In my opinion, you're just an ordinary boy."

"Mercury bot, unique serial number AN14-0213979. Nine for short. In fact, this one does not contain mercury, is absolutely safe for humans. The branding 'mercury bot' assigned by people for enhanced flexibility and the distinctive shiny suit. Designed for human entertainmmmm..."

Fynn silenced him with a kiss, pressing his body against the android and grabbing him by the buttocks. The android responded mechanically, giving Fynn's mouth the full treatment.

"Wow, awesome!" Fynn finally managed to pull out his tongue from that vacuum cleaner of a mouth. "And you didn't even blush or what??" He gently stroked the android's ear. "So cool and pale. Well, you're definitely not a human... Although you kiss amazingly!"

"A mercury bot is capable of doing everything that people do," Nine responded robotically, and then quietly added: "And even a little more ..."

"What, really? Well, we'll see about that later! Not a single robot will ever surpass this creation of Mother Nature, known as the human being!! Besides, you're only meant to serve us, not challenge us."

Fynn hugged the android by the waist and reached for another kiss, but Nine suddenly arched his back and playfully threw his head back to the very buttocks.

"So you think you're flexible, mercury boy? I can do that too! What a piece of cake!" Fynn smirked, his lips started to inspect the relief of the android's bare torso, arched so much that the ribs popped out. Fynn licked the surface of the ribs like an ice cream. "And I still don't believe you are a robot anyway..."

"Fynn, what are you doing here! Why are you still not in the suit?" A young man in a bright orange bodysuit suddenly burst into the room. "There's a full house and forty cameras waiting for you, kid!"

"Master Yan! Uh... We are... just sharing some... introductory... data. You have to know what you're dealing with, right?"

"Yeah, I can see you almost reached the plug'n'play testing stage here. You can poke around that android all night long, if you've suddenly discovered such a passion for robotics. But now, quickly jump into your suit, there's a crowd waiting!"

Fynn entered a passcode on the panel and fetched a fresh rubber suit made of green and black and pre-lubricated on the inside. The special nanobot-fused lubrication used to improve the sensations received by the outer surface of the suit, making the suit feel like a lot more sensitive second skin.

After squeezing himself into the right rubber and adjusting all the minor parts, he pushed his feet into the attached rubber socks, wiggling his toes into the five individual toe-sections at the end of the socks.

Finally, he adjusted his private bits inside the pouch that hid them from the observers, just forming a nice round bulge, unlike that fully exposed smooth crotch of the android.

"Here. Rubber boy at your service!"

Yan looked him over from head to toe, bit his lip, then glanced around the body of the android, which seemed to consist entirely of ideal curves, then stared at Fynn's boyish body again.

Human contortionists have never had a problem outbending the machines, but this new generation of androids was really something different...

"Something's wrong, master Yan?" Fynn batted eyelashes at his superior.

"No no," Yan scratched the back of his head, "Just being a little nervous. Let's run a couple of stretch tests to be sure!"

Fynn just sighed. "How much more can I stretch, master Yan, I already have all my bones made of rubber! All those experiments I have to do... I don't even remember when I last slept in a bed and not in a flexopod!"

"You will tell your android all about it later, where you slept last night and in what position. I know all that perfectly well, since I am the one who puts you in the flexopod every evening. Okay, just make a starfish and let's go!"

Fynn sighed, arched his back, folded in half backwards and crawled his head and hands between his own legs as easily as if his body had only muscles and cartilage. He squeezed his shoulders between his thighs and spread his elbows, so his thighs went pretty much in his armpits.

He tugged himself tighter and raised his head, touching the back of his head to his bulging crotch, then spread his arms to the sides, making the star-like posture.

"That's the millions of years of human evolution for ya, rob..." And then Fynn saw in front of him the android, who already managed to make a starfish of the most elegant curves of his own, now smiling cheerfully, spreading his arms to the sides at the ideal angle.

"Hmm, this android is not bad. We'll have to break quite a sweat," stated Yan.

Fynn returned to the human-like position and exhaled. "Don't worry, master Yan, I got it. I wasn't even doing my best..."

"I know, I know! Fynn, you just joined us and you're already the most flexible boy in school, and your starfish is better than mine when I was your age anyway!"

"Umm, yeah, made good friends underwater. They taught me some things."

"That's all we know about this wonder boy of Fynn Carter, right?" Yan shook his head. "Our expeditions to that place have never been able to discover these friends of yours, though..."

"That's a pity... Wonder what happened to them."

"You sure you really met those strange flexible creatures you described back then?"

Fynn nodded. "As much as the gray-haired cutie here is sure that he is really a robot."

"Alright," Yan sighed. "Speaking of which, yes, it's hard to believe, isn't it? The CSI technologies made quite a leap, they are capable of creating such bots now! But you don't want to be sidelined by a mere android in front of a million viewers!"

"Not gonna happen, master Yan," Fynn smiled confidently, already feeling that strange sensation inside, starting as tickling in his abdomen and then spreading and crawling under his skin to other parts of his body...

Suddenly, a synthesized voice spoke: "Fynn Carter and AN14-0213979, please be ready to appear on the stage in 60 seconds."

"Damn!" Yan bit his lip. "We've got no time! Come on!" He grabbed both boys and pushed them into the corridor.

The corridor, which went along an enormous aquarium, was literally stuffed with reporters. "Mr. Hawkins, would you three please pose for our magazine's cover? Thank you SO much!"

"Mr. Hawkins, Daily Bend magazine. Do you believe that a robot is truly capable of outbending a human being? Does contortionism have no future as a form of human expression?"

"That's exactly what we're going to find out in a moment, sir." Yan tried to put on his most mysterious expression and dragged the boy and the robot further by the corridor, disappearing behind another door to a loud applause.

Fynn belongs to Kito ©
Also thanks to Saraka for the help and inspiration! ^^

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Thank you so much! I must agree Fynn is my favorite too, his face is not the kind of face that implies navel and nipple piercings, so they make him look twice as naughty 😏 Read more
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