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Human Seat by A.F.

This illustration was drawn and contributed by A.F. - please view on DeviantArt:

Human seat by Anonymous--Friend

A.F.'s comment:

Here we have him, or her... I don't know- I'm not an expert on "xenology" or xenobiology... besides as Celestials have no gender or even sexual dimorphism, I really don't know what kind of pronouns they use... and we cannot use the personal name as a reference neither, as I cannot even pronounce it... as a matter on fact I have enough problems trying to speak in other human languages outside my first language as to even try to speak some weird alien language (if you want to know, they talk with sounds similar to this ... so c'mon, try to speak it :))

... so, for practical purposes we're going to use the name of "Allen" (the alien... how original, right? :/)...

So, Allen is not "lazy", not completely, but after passing hours modeling and playing with the new forms the most recently recollected material can achieve, Allen just want to take some nap over Allen's new favorite chair; made on a very easy design, with just few modifications as Allen appreciate a more rustic style :)...

The chair... well, it had a name, and it actually can remember it, after all it's is new in this thing of being an object. And even if the whole situation is extremely confusing for it; so unnatural for feeling so natural. Because is as its actual pose was its normal form... All its muscles and bones, are so relaxed, and even the absence of some former parts feels so correct... in fact, its new reality is more than pleasant, even arousing XD...

But for some reason it is not completely convinced of its new purpose as a mere object, as if some part of it (a part than became thiner each minute) struggles to reject it... it still complains, but Allen cannot understand the strange sounds it makes, but Allen doesn't care about it. And to be honest, why should Allen care? after all anyone of us really think in our furniture's feelings... however Allen really enjoys the moaning sounds it emits...

The chair.... well, it can deny it now, but it is starting to enjoy its new existence :)...

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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