How Communists Party

This is a story about how Marina was invited to a party of Communists. Well, not THE Party, but a New Year's celebration party :3

The celebration took place on 31st december, 1976, at the house of a Communist Party member whose name is too famous to be disclosed in this controversial context. Usually at such parties the communists would share the evening with ballet dancers, gymnasts or other sportswomen... but because 1977 was going to be the Year of the Snake, the organizers almost immediately knew what the main feature of the show was going to be!

They called the Moscow State Circus, the biggest circus in the USSR (which stands for the United States of Soviet Russia) and the circus immediately offered to them Marina, the best drawing card they had among the performers of legal age, and so that's how Marina was invited to perform at the party for the Party.

For this special evening Marina was made to wear nothing but a very light red leotard with high cut legs. She was used to wearing leotards since childhood, first in the gym and later in the circus school for many years, however, right now she was feeling super shy dressed like that in the presence of such a high working class.

She didn't perform very well and looked very stiff for a snake woman. She tried to sit on her own head, but began to cough and had to untwist and stop the show to clean her throat.

Then the biggest Communist Party member stood up and massively approached her. He patted Marina on her back to help her with the coughing, then suddenly said that he wanted to share with her a glass of vodka!

This was an old Communist tradition, originating from the times of Владимир Ильич Ульянов (better known as Lenin) and იოსებ ბესარიონის ძე სტალინი (better known as Stalin), so it couldn't be denied.

The man exclaimed: "Будем здоровы!" ("Let's be healthy!") and slowly, with a military precision, drank half of the vodka, presenting the rest to Marina. She had no choice but to drink, and then they hugged three times and kissed in the lips, which was also part of the Communist tradition.

At first Marina's face contorted in disgust (the only part of the body that contortionists are actually not supposed to contort), but within a few minutes she suddenly felt sooo very good. She felt warm in the head and suddenly the men sitting around seemed like her best comrades. They turned from scary, massive figures into interesting and powerful heroes and she suddenly wanted to perform for them, this time fair and square!

Marina got back upon the kitchen table that was placed for her in the middle of the room and attempted to perform again. She felt a bit dizzy but her body relaxed so much she felt like she was a teenager again, when her body was nearly limitless:

She performed very well this time and was asked not to stop, so she went on improvising while others drank and talked. It seemed to her that they talked only about her and gave her lots of compliments, so she felt extremely inspired and wanted to outdo herself today to impress her new comrades.

Of course, this was only the prelude of what was to follow, and after this day Marina had a lot of useful connections. This day literally changed her life and she was shortly promoted to a contortion coach for the biggest Soviet summer camp Artek where she began to teach contortion to children:

That's what it means to bend over for the right people :3

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