House of the Fox

This is a gift for Aldric I made 3 years ago but for some reason it was exclusive on Facebook the whole time! Now it's finally here too and I also improved it a bit because I really like how the pose "turned out", if you don't mind the pun XD

By the way, this fox boy's name is Lou Cheylan! He is the youngest brother in the Cheylan family and the most limber one, but loves becoming even more and more limber as he grows up. I think all foxes are pretty elastic by design but Lou always wants to do so much more with his body!!

He very much loves to look at the new contortion pictures on his phone to distract himself during this or that extreme stretch. But these days such stretches are almost easy for him and he mostly does them to keep his muscles and ligaments in a very supple condition to keep being able to amaze his family and friends with the flexible poses he can do. And of course enjoy it by himself all day! :3 (and night!)

Yes he has a pet dog because foxes and dogs are both canines, so it makes sense? XD

Lou Cheylan belongs to Aldric ©
I hope after these 3 years Aldric still enjoys this gift and will enjoy this new improved version! :3

What do you think? 😄
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