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Hot Balls

Made from the cursed sands of Alshara, these crystal balls are able to record movies... They can be used to capture some really hot stuff!

Hello, I'm Aril Finastyë, a student of alchemy at the Elemental School of Al-Hedsit, and this is my essay about Hot Balls...

These balls are known by many names, the gypsies call them Crystal Balls and use them to record the future, those who like to record the historical past call them Kinespheres, but we will call them Hot Balls as the Alchemists Guild uses them primarily to capture the hottest scenes in the space-time!

They're made from the cursed sands of the great desert of Alshara, now the abode of the demons who will happily trade "their" special sands for gold. A glassblower then uses a special potion while blowing the molten sand and has to do it in a special dark room. Once complete, the sphere is immediately covered with black cloth as the slightest light will trigger it to begin recording.

Once unclothed, the Hot Balls start the recording process and depending on its enchantment's power can record a few seconds (relatively cheap balls) to several minutes (very expensive). The Ball will magically capture the scene from all angles so you can turn the Balls in your hands to watch it from any angle later.

It's funny to sometimes find trashed Balls wasted on completely random stuff, alas there's currently no way to empty the balls of their content and re-use them. But most people are not that stupid and handle their Balls with care, so most filled Balls contain very extraordinary sexy scenes from all kinds of exotic and rare places and can be sold for a price that much exceeds their production cost!

And that's it about the Hot Balls! I hope you enjoyed the essay, thank you :3

Author: Aril Finastye (Elemental School)
Supervisor: Dariush Lovehorn (Alchemists Guild)

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