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Hippolites are mighty brutes with the heads of horse. They specialize in field medicine, able to cure a patient mainly using their own natural juices XD Good if the "syringe" can be inserted for the most effective treatment, alas the size of the "needle" is often too huge, so their juice is usually bottled for later consumption.

Fresh hippolite juice has a creamy taste and can be very revitalizing, so people who have these "doctors" around never know the troubles of catching a cold or the flu.

The unicorn hippolites are the best kind, but rare and serve primarily the nobility... Many people believe that their horns can be licked for extra healing effects. Unicorns generally don't mind these rumors, but the truth is their entire bodies can be licked anywhere for the very same effect, so if you need your daily vitamins you can smooch the unicorn on the cheek, belly or wherever you like :)

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