Hi Noah! (WIP)

"Hi Noah!"
"Need a ride to school?"
"No no, donna Luisa, I wanted to swim to the school by myself, in my new swimsuit!"
"Ooh and what a beautiful swimsuit it is!"
"Thanks! Going to perform in it at the fountains this evening!"
"What a great idea, my boy! The angels from heaven will come to look at you, I'm sure!"
"Hehe.. Donna Luisa, can you give me the first impression on the pose I just thought of this morning?"
"Don't need to ask, my boy, just show me!"
"S- so... how does it look?"
"Oh mama mia! Look at the perfect balance! And what grace! And what beautiful stretchy legs you got. Magnificent! You truly are the angel of flexibility, my boy."
"Thanks! I'm going to practice it more after school and see if I can make it better... Oh my, look at the time, I'll be late if I don't go immediately! Sorry, donna Luisa!"
"Good luck, Noah! Santa Maria, how lucky you are you can just swim to your school like that! Back when I was a young girl, this channel was really dirty, it even still had radiation in the water, but now you can drink from it!"
"Thank God... and the aliens, I guess! Ciao, donna Luisa!"
"See you in the evening, Noah! Please be careful in that water!"

Wow. Noah is one of my favorites.
🐌 Thank you! I always keep forgetting to make more pictures of him 😌

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