Hey Boy Hey Girl

Martin wants to be a famous photographer of female nudes and for him there's nothing more exciting in the world than beautiful female skin. He literally worships women and has a fantastic collection of nudes, classical paintings and sculptures in his laptop and dreams of hiring a lot of beautiful girls in the future and make great art with their bodies and then put it on the internet, in magazines and exhibitions!

But to make so perfect female nude art, one has to truly feel the beauty of girls. And that's why Martin has always been wearing a long curly hair and has an impressive collection of female clothes, all in the daily search for his "inner woman". Needless to say, he was his own very first model...

His own very second model was Erika whom he asked to model for him almost as a stupid joke, saying that he's studying photography so hard but he could really use a real girl in the process. He was very surprised when Erika agreed on one condition that he must pose along and wear the same stuff he'd make her wear. It sounded more than fair, so Martin agreed with a large grin on his face. Finally his first real girl!!

What do you think? 😄
They both have perfectly kissable butts. Blindfold me, tell me they are both boys and let me dive into ass worship. Read more
Well Erika would sometimes turn into Erik 😄 Read more
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