Hello Again

Drew this character with Bandeau's permission ^-^ He is her Tarot character The Fool. He's not my character but hope you wouldn't mind me adding a bit of detail to his bio...

Despite being really crazy, The Fool has some of the most incredible athletic skills that he uses to the fullest while pulling his jokes.

His creepiest joke is to bend over backwards, while secretly putting a nut around his lower back and then quickly grab the knees from behind and tug at them, folding his back so tight in half that it crushes the nut producing the most horrible cracking sound :D That one always makes the noble ladies faint.

He'd then walk around with his giggling face between his own legs until the crowd's recovered from the shock and actually starts laughing after figuring out he didn't actually break his back and it was just a nut :D

What do you think? 😄
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