Hee~ finally drew the pose I wanted to pull for a year or more :3
What's bad about the splits, is that the legs make the picture incredibly wide and I got too used to more compact compositions ^_^;;
In the end it came out rather balanced (on many levels) X3

The story is up to your imagination really :3

Demons these days >.>

What do you think? 😄
Imagine if the supernatural and magickal were part of everyday experience (think Pixar's Onward), and the afterlife was a given fact, known to exist and expected. Now imagine that the afterlife was commiserate with Christian dogma, being divided into Heaven & Hell (with or without Purgatory, depending on the denomination or sect). If your boys, like the Hell Jester here, were known to be among the denizens of Hell, I think the population of Hell would be highly disproportionate to Heaven. Deliberately so, as so many people would be aiming to get into Hell (myself included, but that goes without saying). There would also be a huge increase in suicides. When one realizes that there's nothing better than Yuni's boys, that these boys are denizens of the afterlife location known as Hell, and decide this life is shit and not worth living. Read more
Nah, people are stupid thinking they will be in heaven or in hell after life. Heaven and hell are only mental states, so when saying that life is shit and not worth living, you put yourself in hell right away.

Smile as wide as this boy stretches his legs, feel happy about something, and you'll be in heaven this instant! 😉 Read more
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