Heart-Shaped Boy

The elf prince has been feeling too chubby lately, so he decided to train himself with his tightest belt to fight the fat. This was a new belt he never tried before. He put the belt on but after a minute took it off: too tight! Later he repeated, but once again the same!

Next, he put the belt on again, but this time took a strong mythril chain and locked it. Then threw the key out of the window. His idea was simple: he will go to search for the key, that takes some time, so he'll burn some fat while searching.

But after a whole hour that stupid key couldn't be found anywhere XD After another hour it started to hurt so much! The prince ran to the blacksmith to break the chain, but was told that mythril is much stronger than steel and can't be broken, at least not while it's around the prince's own waist. Too dangerous! The only option was to run immediately to the marketplace and find a thief who could picklock it.

"Take that thing off me, I'll give you more gold than you can carry!!" the prince kept yelling at the young thief whom he met after almost an hour of searching and asking people.

"I'm trying but this lock, it's very complicated!" the thief has been trying to picklock for an hour and a half already...

"Quicker, I'm turning all blue below my waist!!" the prince wasn't kidding, the situation was becoming serious.

"Looks more like pink to me... Wow, from this angle your belly actually looks like a heart!" says the thief, raising brows and poking his finger a few times into the prince's belly, curiously.

"Shut up and rescue me already, stupid farmer!! I can't breathe!" the prince keeps jumping and stomping, very angry that he's still not freed.

"Actually if your majesty would faint, it could make the work much easier," the thief sighs...

"*GASP*" the prince is already red of anger and embarrassment XD

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