🥨 Happy Pretzel Day

Noah wishes you a happy National Pretzel Day! 😛

What do you think? 😄
Noah makes this pose look very comfortable, like he could fall asleep like that. Zzzzz... Read more
If he falls asleep, will he poke his nose into his crotch 🤣 Read more
More Di mario knot please!😄 Read more
I'll see what I can Di... I mean do 😁 Read more
This pose is called “Double buddhasana“or ”Di Mario Knot”,but i don't know why called di mario knot,Another name I have ever seen is called “de mario knot”.Put your two legs under the arm,That is really beautiful.🤗 Read more
Sounds like he's a double buddhist now. Very glad you liked this pic! 😊 Read more
Dimario knot very beautiful position. Amazing girl in dimario knot Read more
Thank you so much! Very glad you liked 😄 Read more
Noah, did I already told you that I love you? Read more
Read more
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