Happy Birthday, Lou!!

This is a birthday gift for my dear friend Aldric who has this adorable OC named Lou, so I pretended here it's Lou's birthday but in fact it's his owner's of course! ^.^

Once upon a time there lived a fox boy named Lou and a Thalhed lizard called Isil. Lou also had two older brothers and all the three of them were known as the Cheylan brothers, and they lived in a nice house in a city. The lizard Isil lived in a nearby forest by the pond.

Isil belonged to that species of lizards that are strong but at the same time have soft and almost unbreakable bones. They are capable of doing very extreme positions without hurting themselves or injuring anything inside their bodies. Not all of them constantly do something extraordinary, but Isil for one has always been a big lover to bend himself all day.

Once while bending to his pleasure and trying to do a particularly extreme twist of his limber spine and seeing how far he could stretch his almost rubbery but quite muscled legs, Isil noticed a group of people throwing a picnic by the pond. It is necessary to mention that the Thalhed lizards are great protectors of nature, they always keep an eye on humans who damage their environment and always try to repair the damage or report to more powerful creatures.

However, this time, Isil noticed, those people were not humans. They were a group of kemonomimi creatures, still compared to Isil they were giants! Among them, however, there was a smaller one who attracted Isil's attention. Much like Isil himself, that one was naked, and from where Isil was sitting, that young giant was quite a sight to admire.

Isil himself knew what clothes are, but prefered to live naked and wear only a few jewels, but seeing naked visitors in his forest was quite rare, and so he was glued to the sight of this giant fox boy who, as he already learned, was named Lou, that's what others always called him.

So Isil just made himself comfortable by putting both of his feet behind his neck and tugging himself into a tight and cozy knot, and continued to admire these people who, unlike human visitors, were all remarkably respectful to the nature.

In the meanwhile Lou, the fox boy, all of a sudden started doing something that our little lizard wouldn't expect at all! Lou, staying naked as he was, also started doing various flexible things with his body! The lizard almost fell over in surprise as he wasn't expecting the boy to be so limber! Isil's eyes opened wide as he watched the young fox do splits, frontbends and the deepest backbends, completely folding his body in half!

The already beautiful sight that Isil loved, now it became so good that Isil was completely hypnotized by this flexible fox. When the kemonomimis finally packed their things and left, Isil was a bit sad that they only stayed for so few hours, and what if they'd never visit again?

Isil decided that he absolutely wanted to become friends with that Lou fox. He could swear that he overheard these people mentioning that the boy's birthday was going to be on the day after tomorrow. Isil immediately packed his things (actually he had nothing to pack) and went to the magical tree stump that contained a hidden slit between worlds, entered the slit and appeared in the world named Oriental. From there he went straight to the Oriental Village, that particular village inhabited by the elves, Isil's great friends.

Many elves went out of their homes to look at the beautiful naked lizard, but Isil only asked them where he could find Aaulin, the main elf of the village. Aaulin, a long haired blond elf with an unbelievably small cincher on his waist and a pair of silky baggy pants, went to say hi to his long-term friend and ask what happened.

"Dear Aaulin, I know I keep asking for all kinds of things but... I once again have a favor to ask of you!"

"Of course, my dear Isil, what's the matter?"

"There's someone I saw today in the forest and really grew to like him and ummm... I learned his birthday is on the day after tomorrow..."

"Oh of course! If you came for a gift, you're just in time in fact! We have some beautiful new jewels, clothes, some other things, want to see?"

"Umm. I'm afraid jewels and clothes wouldn't make a nice gift... You see, the problem is, Aaulin, that he is one of the... big ones."

"OH? R- Really? A Human!?"

"No no no, of course not! In fact, he is a fox boy."

"Ah, you scared me for a second!"

"He's not scary at all, as a matter of fact he seems to be very nice! I really want to befriend him, so I was thinking maybe a small cake..."

"Isil, y- you realize the dimensions of that 'small' relative to the big ones, right??"

"Maybe a really tiny one?"

"No, we'll help you and we'll make you a really good cake. But. Isil, that will cost you."

"Sure thing. I've been limbering up the whole day, plus I've invented something new this morning, I think you will love it! So how big you can make that cake?"

"Hmm, let's see what you've got first and then I'll tell you how big it will be," Aaulin gestured invitingly. In the meanwhile nearly the entire elven village gathered around to look at the Thalhed lizard's athletic and limber body. Without further talk, Isil bowed to everybody and began his show.

Many days of all kinds of contortion experiments he had been doing recently, now paid off, and inspired by the attention of so many elves, Isil even started inventing new things on the spot. He bent his toned but pliant body like there's no tomorrow and amazed the whole elven tribe with the flexibility that was both beautiful and extreme beyond imaginable.

The elves were major fans of contortionism and even had their own contortion school in the village, but even the elves gasped at what this lizard could do. Of all people, the elves surely knew the price of extreme flexibility and greatly admired the lizard's demonstration, which was a sight of a gem's rarity, even in the Oriental Village where many kids, teens and young men practiced contortion. But that's exactly why a good contortion show was a better payment for them than anything else.

Isil really wanted to see how big a cake he'd earn and after about an hour of doing all kinds of extremely flexible positions he felt so much elasticity in his body that he asked for some assistance and with the help of two, and then four elves, he was able to pull some unbelievable stunts.

Finally, Aaulin asked Isil if the lizard could do a particular pose for a bit longer because it was a new pose that seemingly nobody in the world had done yet, and Aaulin asked the tribe's painter to illustrate it for later study, so the students of the contortion school could learn to do it in the future. Isil gladly agreed and bravely held the pose for nearly a whole hour while it was being carefully painted.

His immune system allowed him to go into stasis, a state where the bodily functions and even the blood flow slowed down, so it wasn't uncomfortable to hold a very extreme pose for so long.

In the end, Isil was quite tired but happy, and so were all the elves.

"So... how big will you make it?" Isil asked, still panting and blushing heavily after doing extreme contortion for more than two hours in a row in front of the whole elven tribe.

"My dear friend, for you we'll make it GIANT!" Aaulin was still blushing himself after all the beautiful sights of flexibility and nudity he saw performed by this fit and athletic lizard.

It was already an evening. Isil was welcomed to be massaged by a couple of very skillful elves but they made him so relaxed that he just fell asleep in the middle of the massage.

The whole day afterwards went to bake the cake, which consisted of several separate pieces that were baked independently in the Oriental world, then at night they were carried upon small flying carpets through the magical slit to our world and straight to the residence of the Cheylan brothers, where the great cake was finally assembled on the next morning upon the table near the brothers' garden.

When everything was done, the elves flew away on their carpets back to their world, while Isil made himself comfy on the flat top of the cake and took a little nap. A creak of the residence's door woke him up and the first sight he saw was Lou coming out of the house, rubbing his eyes, yawning, stretching his arms and yawning again.

Alas, this time Lou wasn't naked, but Isil wasn't sure if it was good or bad, as the fox boy looked really pretty in what he was wearing. He walked around the place a little and brought a yoga mat, Isil had the change to see him from nearly every angle and noticed that Lou was wearing soft sportive shorts, cut so high that one could see his butt cheeks, and also a sleeveless shirt so loose and deeply cut that Lou's dark nipples were flashing all the time.

The boy was quite sleepy and still hadn't noticed the cake, so Isil was just admiring him much like he did back at the pond. He was just happy to see Lou once again. In the meanwhile Lou stepped on his yoga mat and began bending in the light of the rising sun, back and forth and to the sides, touching the ground with his fingers easily no matter what side he bent to.

He'd do it very slowly, closing his eyes and relaxing for a minute each time he reached the floor. When he bent backwards and stood there for a minute, his loose shirt fell down, revealing a stretched abdomen and an incredibly well shaped ribcage, breathing slowly in a deep bend, lit by the rich and warm morning light.

Isil gulped, he himself was quite contorted there upon the top of the cake, but watching contortions done by someone else was even more exciting!

After spending a couple of minutes in the backbend, Lou very slowly stood up but didn't fully straighten himself right away but kept his back folded in half in the very middle, letting his shoulders rest on top of his butt for a while. His legs were straight and his head was aligned as if he was standing up normally, but his torso was completely folded like a towel. Isil could easily do that himself but seeing such a thing done by someone else made him blush as he didn't know it actually looked so pretty!

After standing like that for another minute, Lou finally produced the cutest sigh and straightened himself, but not completely, he then just walked around with his back slightly curved backwards as if he just couldn't get enough of the feeling of the backbend. He walked around the garden and his back did only fully straighten when all of a sudden he saw the cake on the table, and then Isil!

"Hey there!" Isil winked and smiled wide, wagging his big muscled lizard tail in the air above his cozily bent self.

"H- Hi... Oh wow..." Lou stood there with his jaw dropped, guessing if he decided too early that he was awake and maybe he was still sleeping in fact?

"Happy birthday, Lou!!"

"Wow, th- thanks... H- How do you know my name?"

"I saw you bending at the pond two days ago and ummm... I, well, I just wanted to see some more of it. And also I heard it's gonna be your birthday, so I brought you a cake... Well, in fact, I didn't bake it myself but I had to work hard for it and so I hope you'll like it, Lou!"

"Th- the cake seems very yummy...." Lou almost began to drool for real. He couldn't recognize what ingredients the cake was made of, nothing he saw before, yet it looked so yummy indeed.

"Not as yummy as your morning exercises, though... Although I was sort of hoping you'd be wearing a birthday suit for your birthday..." Isil rolled his eyes jokingly.

"Ah... well, I don't get naked in front of str...ang...errrrrsss..... on the other hand, nevermind!.. It's all just a nice dream, I know!! It's all a dream, it's all a dream! Woooo!!" Lou stretched his arms and danced like an idiot. "I'm gonna do everything you say, Mr. Magical Lizard! Let me just..." Lou took off his shirt and shorts and threw them on the terrace's floor. "Here! Did you have any specific requests to make, Mr. Magical Li-"

"First of all, the name's Isil. And I wanted to play a game actually... How about I do a pose and you repeat after me? Then you strike a pose and I try to repeat. But let's start with something easy and make it harded bit by bit to make it more interesting?"

"Sounds fun! I'm in!!!" Lou immediately went back to his yoga mat, sat on his soles and focused on the lizard. "Who starts?"

"I can! How about this?" Isil put his chin on the cake's top, bent his body over and put his feet on top of his own head. "Basic things first!" He grinned.

"Sure!" Lou grinned in response and quickly repeated the position. "I make it more difficult now!" Lou straightened his legs, pointing them vertically in the air, then landed his butt right on top of his own head.

"Easily!" Isil grinned and relaxed his own spine into an identical position, while holding his legs perfectly vertical. "Hmmm..." He hummed and after a moment of thinking he spread the legs in the opposite directions until his left leg pointed straight to the left horizontally and the right leg straight to the right, ending up in a full middle split while keeping his butt on top of his head.

"Mmm!" Lou gracefully spread his own legs in the same manner when all of a sudden the door creaked and the two other Cheylan brothers appeared.

"Happy birthday, L . . . . Lou!!" His older brother, Kei, exclaimed. "What are you doing??"

"More importantly, why are you doing this naked?!" The other brother, Aldric, asked, crossing his arms on his chest. "The neighbors might be watching!"

"B- b- but! I thought it was still a dream!!" Lou spoke after quickly unrolling and sitting on his butt, curling into a ball to hide his nudity. "We were just playing with Mr... Isil."

"Mister who, now?!" Both brothers immediately played their muscles, looking ready to protect their precious little brother from any kind of "mister".

"Ehh... the lizard man, there!" Lou pointed at the table but there was no one. Lou blinked, unable to believe it...

"The lizard... man?" Aldric shook his head dramatically.

"Must be from that new video game he played to the midnight yesterday," Kei smirked.

"Is it your cake, Kei?" Aldric asked his brother, being sure that he himself certainly didn't buy such a cake that was on the table.

"Isil brought it, I swear!! Wait... But if the cake is still there..." Lou forgot all about his nudity and literally jumped to the table. Looking at the other side of the cake he suddenly laughed. "Why are you hiding, silly? My brothers won't eat you!" He turned to Aldric and Kei. "There! I wasn't lying!"

"Hi," the lizard jumped on top of the cake in a single acrobatic leap, curled up into a tight bendy ball and flexed his muscles playfully. The two older Cheylan brothers looked at the little lizard guy, dropping their jaws just as much as Lou earlier.

"Maybe we're all dreaming!!" Lou exclaimed.

"That's impossible..." Aldric spoke in a scientific tone.

"Mayb.... I... er... I don't know what to think!!" Kei only said, staring at the grinning lizard.

"Let's just pretend the dream continues somehow!! Wooo!" Lou shook his arms in the air. "Anyway, Isil is from the pond, we visited him two days ago and now he's visiting us! And he brought a cake. Isn't that nice!! Such a yummy looking cake!! I can't wait to try!"

All the three brothers, who we yet to have a breakfast, were staring at the cake hungrily.

"I... I'll go make the drinks," Aldric turned around and walked to the door. "I think I'll have some Pu-erh, I need a clear head."

"Cappuccino!" Lou squeaked.

"Just a hot milk," said Kei.

"And for you?" Aldric Cheylan already regained control over himself and smiled at the lizard as if he was a regular guest.

"A fruit juice, please!" Isil smiled back and wagged his tail.

"We have oranges, babana, lemon, delicious apples, mango, avocado, lime, kiwi, pineapple..."

"Whoa! I've never heard of half of these things, but..."

"...pear, coconut, grapes and I think peach. No, wait, it ended yesterday!"

"Ah, I can't even decide..." Isil scratched the back of his head with his foot.

"Oh wait! We also have apricot!" Aldric suddenly remembered.

"Alright, that's what I'll have!" Isil's confused face stretched into a smile.

"Certainly!" Aldric disappeared behind the door.

"He should be a waiter..." Kei stared at where his brother was standing.

"Yeah..." Lou stared too.

"You should put on some pants, Lou..."

"Yeah..." Lou bent to the floor and pulled his shorts up.

"Should I cover myself too?" Isil worried.

"No, not at all, unless our neighbors have a telescope," Kei shrugged.

"Alright! I've never been so far away from the pond, to be honest."

"How did you get all the way here?" Kei stared at the little lizard.

"On the flying carpet of course! The elves helped a lot in fact!"

"Oh my..." Kei slapped his forehead. "I should have guessed! The elves! And the flying carpet! It all makes sense now. This stuff looks nice, by the way. What's it made of?"

"I wouldn't know, really, the elves made it," Isil shrugged which made Lou giggle because he shrugged while literally having his thighs in his underarms. "I only did my part of the trade. But they liked it, so I'm sure the cake is great!"

"What did you do then?"

"As you see I love bending, and the elves love it too, in fact it's very rare there's somebody who can outdo the elves and I just so happen to be one! So they got a little lizard show and you get a little elven cake!"

In the meanwhile, Aldric Cheylan appeared from the house, carrying a tray full of drinks like a classically trained waiter. A big cup of Cappuccino for Lou, Kei's cup filled with hot milk, a cup of the Pu-erh tea for himself and a miniature glass of apricot juice for Isil.

"Whoa, I didn't expect to see elven drinkware around here," Isil received his small but richly ornamented glass and took a long sip from it, all without bothering to undo his contorted pose.

"Elven drinkware?" Aldric raised a brow, taking a sip of his tea.

"Yesterday I drank from exactly the same glass in the elven village!"

"Most curious!" Aldric raised his brows even higher. "I brought this glass at the flea market, because I thought it was a very fine work. When I looked at it through a magnifyer, I was impressed by all the details in the designs, I couldn't believe that somebody could craft it..."

"Yeah, the elves made it, I'm sure of it!" Isil nodded. "They also make a lot of jewels too, they crafted my ear rings for example."

"Oh, true! You do have ear rings!" Aldric widened his eyes. "I haven't even noticed, they're so very tiny!"

"Actually, these are quite big! Heavier ear rings feel nicer to wear, at least for me! But I also have a navel piercing, it's smaller, look!" For the first time in a while Isil rolled out of his bend and knelt on the cake's top, demonstrating his belly. "Don't know if you guys can see it."

"I can! It's really pretty!! It's so so small!" Lou stared at the lizard's beautiful miniature chest with so small but so finely defined abdomen and rib cage. "Hey, you also have nipple rings too!!"

"Haha, yes! I was wondering if you'd notice them!" Isil arched his torso to make the nipple rings shine in the sun.

"They're smaller than a grain of sand!!" Lou was in sheer awe of the microscopic jewels.

"Oh! I apologize! I should let you guys try the cake!" Isil suddenly remembered he was still on top of the cake and gracefully jumped off. He sat next to the cake with his legs crossed and received the tiny glass that Aldric helped to carry for him.

"Thanks a lot!!" Isil took a sip. "Yum! Apri...cot, right? The taste is quite remarkable!"

Aldric nodded. "And it's good for your health, too. I can make you other juices later. Maybe you should stay with us, you'll eventually try them all. The supermarket here sells fruits imported from many places, and even from different countries, so it's no wonder you've never heard of them."

"Umm," Isil thought for a bit. "I'm sort of used to living at the pond to be honest... But don't worry, I won't leave you until I tried all these yummy fruits you have in the house and also until we finished our little game with Lou!"

"Yaaay!" Lou put his arms in the air in excitement.

"And then you can try the berries we have, too!" Aldric winked.

"And more games!!!" Lou bent his arms behind his head so much that his hands reached each other's the opposite armpits.

"Your arms are snakes, Lou!!" Kei laughed.

"Oh, Lou! I'm sorry I completely forgot it was your turn!!" Isil immediately repeated Lou's arm trick, then bent forward and picked the glass of fruit juice with his hands from this so not normal position, and took a sip!

"Ooooh!" Lou stared, wondering if he'd be able to repeat... He bowed forward, took the Cappuccino and, surprised that he could actually manage to handle this new pose with relative easiness, took a little sip of his coffee. He then put the cup back and used one of his hands to pull on the other hand's elbow, stretching that arm even further behind his neck, so far that the arm curled all the way around his head until he was able to use its hand to blow a kiss. It looked extremely strange, but somehow very adorable that made everybody smile.

Isil repeated that and then suddenly put his foot behind his head without the help of his hands. Lou quickly lifted his own foot and also put it behind his neck and then pushed it further down behind his back almost to his very waist!

"Welcome to the mad tea party!!" Kei exclaimed, also putting his foot behind his head. "I'm not as flexible as Lou, but some of these things I can do, too!"

"And the only one drinking actual tea here cannot do it..." Aldric spoke in a dramatical voice, taking a sip of his Pu-erh.

"Are you sure you can't, Al?" Lou teased.

"Actually... I've never tried..."

"Come on, Al! Join the mad party!!" Lou put his other foot behind his head, too, in response to Isil's latest move.

Aldric made up his mind, took his bare foot and attempted to bring it as far as he could next to his head. To his surprise, his foot fairly easily circled over his head and only got somewhat stuck at the back of the head. It wasn't feeling very comfortable but it didn't feel too bad either, to Aldric's surprise. After taking a little breath, he could even put it a little further, so his ankle ended up behind his neck.

Everybody was quite surprised at the sight. Lou applauded like a child in a circus, even though it's himself who was knotted into a pretzel more than any of the Cheylans.

Aldric gracefully put his foot back on the floor and adjusted his smooth long dark hair that was a little messed up now. "I'm sorry but I don't think I can eat a cake in this position."

"Me neither," Kei put his foot on the floor too.

"I can but I think I'll enjoy it more if I ate it normally!" Lou returned both of his feet to the floor.

Meanwhile, Aldric cut the cake to several equal pieces, the cake's consistency reminded a bit of soufflé or maybe even butter, but wasn't exactly that, it wasn't anything fat, yet it was very easy to cut and not the tiniest piece dropped on the table while cutting. With surprising easiness Aldric was able to cut a tiny slice that was perfect for Isil.

Everybody tried the cake and almost swallowed their tongues, everyone was so silent until they finished their pieces because all of them could only think about the taste! Even Isil was surprised that the cake was so good, he tried quite a lot of elven food in his life but this cake must have been some very special recipe.

In any case, it was the time for the second round and then the third, until sad but true... the birthday cake ended!

And so Isil stayed with the Cheylan brothers for a very long time. Lou quickly figured out that there was no way to beat Isil in the game of flexibility, but day after day he was getting better and better at this game. He promised that one day he would learn to do something that Isil couldn't repeat. He didn't know what yet, but he would learn it one day for sure!

And in the mean time, the Cheylan brothers would go to the pond where Lou could get naked and practice together with Isil to their hearts' content. Sometimes the Cheylans would leave the pond and Isil would stay for a few days at home and then they'd come back to pick him up to live in the house for a while.

The end!! (for now)

Thanks so much for reading!! ^-^

All characters belong to Aldric ©
Story and illustration by Yuni ©

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