Happy 5th Birthday XD

Yup! Today is the 5th b-day of my DA account and now it's time to give a little love back to the community! ^.^ <3

I'd love to thank everybody for their comments, though I feel I'll never become one of those cool and poopular artists because I tend to read ALL my comments and reply to teh most of them, despite the amount of work I have to do lately! And I guess many people think I'm creepy for that XD But good comments give a lot of food for thought and basically around 60-70% of my works were inspired by various convos, polls and journals, so it means really a lot to me ^.^

Thanks to the fellow artists for all the inspiration, one good artwork always inspires something else and it's an endless chain of creativity and it's so crazy you can get inspired by someone who was inspired by you, and that happens pretty much all the time! Needless to say how many times I tried to make a personal website, but I could never get inspired just by sitting in the corner, I really need to FEEL that wave of creatitivy that comes every day from devWatch, dA's main page and channels, etc, so I'm really thankful for all the artists who share their works here ^-^ <3

And of course, thanks to DA for being the awesomest place to share Art!! ^.^

What do you think? 😄
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