Hackbender (WIP)

Operation "Nighttime Penetration" XD

"Psst! Archie you still awake?"
"Yeah Basil, I'm working on my worm..."
"Why didn't you call me, I'm pretty horny here too!"
"Not that worm, I just need to reach... uh..."
"Ah so you're stretching? At night?"
"Yes! I mean no! Just hacking some enemy droids..."
"Mind if I come over, I'm kind of not sleepy. Could give my busy bee a shoulder massage?"
"Sure, that would be great!"

"Oh wow, Archie, how long you been sitting in that pose!"
"I dunno but it's very comfortable."
"I know, right? I read the whole Alice in Wonderland like that as a kid. The only way to keep me from falling asleep while reading books!"
"Yeah, it's really good for staying awake."
"You know what else is good for staying awake?"
"A shoulder massage?"
"That and also... *brushes Archie's hip with fingertips* While you're working on your, erm... 'worm', maybe I can work on the nice worm you have here too..."

"Basil, we're going to have so much fun during tomorrow's operation!"
"Seriously, what did you do?"
"I uploaded the passive part of 'Gay Kamasutra' to those droids I just hacked."
"No way! XD"
"And guess what? There's not a living soul in that building, these two androids are the only guards."
"Hmm, I guess that means..."
"We'll just take that microchip like it belongs to us. And then we'll still have a plenty of time to..."
"To make sure they're fucked up beyond any repair! Brilliant, Archie, just brilliant!"

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